services-1Many salons in the tri-state area are equipped with talented hair stylists who occasionally offer makeup artistry for a pretty penny, when nine times out of ten, their specialty is hair. Even with the makeup industry booming and many unique trends appearing on social media, beauty schools offer basic and short-lived makeup programs. Because of the lack of makeup artistry expertise within salons, many clients turn to the makeup application services provided by retail chains such as Sephora, which are consistently overpriced and overbooked. This represents a need for affordable, skillful freelance services such as Rich with Beauty.

  • Full face of makeup: A full face of makeup includes the application of foundation, setting powder, contouring, highlighting, eyebrow makeup, eye makeup, false lashes, lipstick, and setting spray. A full face of makeup is services-2built to last, due to its setting power, in any kind of weather and throughout the course of any activity so you look and feel beautiful from start to finish of your event.
  • Full face of makeup + eyebrow shaping: This includes a full face of makeup, but first, a correction of your untamed eyebrow hairs with the help of Anastasia Beverly Hills eyebrow scissors and tweezers.
  • Beauty consultation: A beauty consultation is a personal evaluation of what products of each category (skincare, cream foundations/concealers, powders, eyebrow products, eye shadows, lash care, lipstick) are recommended for you. You will be given a print out of what is discussed with you and several free samples. This service is an add-on only and is not offered on its own.
  • Makeup seminar: A makeup seminar includes a lesson on how to properly apply a full face of professional makeup. It is a live demonstration that is almost completely within your creative control. It is your choice whether Rich with Beauty provides a model to be demonstrated on, or you or a guest can be the services-3model. You can choose how many people you would like to attend – you can even choose to hold it as a personal lesson. A makeup seminar can be held as a fun wine night hosted at your house for your friends, or even as a bonding lunch break with coworkers in your corporate office.
  • Children’s makeup party: A children’s makeup party is meant to replicate parties offered at companies such as Sweet and Sassy or Libby Lu. Rich with Beauty can make an appearance at your child’s princess party, rock star party, etc. and make them feel what it’s like to get the full glam treatment. This service includes props that go along with your child’s party theme and light, girly eye shadow, blush, and lip gloss.

Rich with Beauty’s mission is to provide affordable and highly skillful makeup artistry and services that leave you looking and feeling beautiful your whole event through. Contact me for a price quote on the service or services that interest you.