2017 – My obsessions so far!

blog new year 2017In typical Colleen fashion, I’m a little late… Lol But Happy New Year! A lot of crazy, busy life changes have kept me from posting the past month or so, and I apologize for that. However, what better way to return than to ring in the New Year with all of you? As you threw 2016 down the drain, I hope you were able to keep your head out of the toilet bowl! Lol

As usual, my 200% compulsive shopping addiction has kept new products flooding my collection. There have been some (aka a lot of) duds, but let’s try to keep the first post of the year as positive as possible. Lol Read on if you would like to hear of 5 things I have been completely obsessed with going into 2017!

  1. NARS Dual-Intensity Blush in “FRENZY”

blog nars frenzyThis is an absolutely perfect highlighter and blush compact! I’m not even exaggerating, I have used both the highlighter and blush that it comes with every single day since my purchase. The highlighter is very natural-looking. There is no glitter to it, and it’s just enough without being too much. It gives your skin a look of flawless perfection that you really look for upon choosing a highlighter. The blush is a beautiful, subtle orange. It’s perfect alone, or with a different shade over it. I think I have mentioned this in a previous blog post, but it’s actually recommended to use an orange blush under every blush you wear. It helps to pop the color! This blush would really be ideal if that is what you’re looking for, because it isn’t too crazy. This compact is really, truly worth the price.

  1. Clinique “Even Better” foundation

blog clinique even betterDifferent foundations mesh with different skin types and bodily chemistries, but as a makeup artist, I can honestly say that this foundation works on all of my clients seamlessly. It is just the right amount of coverage no matter what shape your skin is in, and it feels amazing on your face. I get compliments everywhere I go when I wear this foundation! Not to mention it isn’t at a bad price point for a prestige foundation (only $27.00 compared to foundations in the $35.00-$50.00 range!). I definitely recommend it to anyone looking to try out a new foundation, or even to someone who is just running out of whatever they are using! For sure my favorite foundation I have tried in a long time!

  1. Bare Minerals “Oil Obsessed”

blog oil obsessedI spent some of January working for Bare Minerals (life update!), so expect to hear a little more about their products! Oil Obsessed is a light oil cleanser that works as a makeup remover. I’m really not into oils or serums by any means… I find them gross, and especially when using something like this as a makeup remover, I usually find that oils get into my eyes and blur my vison annoyingly for like an hour or more. Lol However, this oil is extremely light and actually perfect. It removed my makeup so easily and gently, and didn’t leave the disgusting, oily residue that I usually experience from other products. This is now a staple in my daily routine, and has made removing my makeup and washing my face so much easier!

  1. OLIVE OIL!!!

blog olive oilAnyone who knows me, or even runs into me for a few minutes (lol), knows that I am newly obsessed with olive oil. I started transitioning my diet to be more Mediterranean for health reasons, and olive oil has become a major addition to pretty much every meal and snack of my day. I plan on writing a thorough blog post about the benefits of a Mediterranean diet, but in short, increasing my olive oil intake (in substitution of butter and other flavorings) has really helped to better my energy level, has added moisture to my skin, and has slimmed my waistline! I can’t wait to tell you more. I like the brand O-Live & Co. Olive Oil because it is extra virgin, which has a LOT of health benefits, but does not have an overwhelming taste.

  1. Shape Tape concealer

blog shape tapeIf you are into beauty blogs, you have probably heard a lot of hype about Shape Tape in the last couple of months! And believe the hype! I love Shape Tape. I use it every time I do my makeup, and sometimes I even put a small amount on my fresh face and blend it out on days that I don’t feel like doing a full look. I think Shape Tape has amazing coverage, feels great on the skin, and lasts all day! The one thing I will recommend when purchasing Shape Tape is to really make sure you get the right shade, because it is easy to get your shade wrong. I would suggest going to the store to shade match yourself. Usually Ulta is sold out of a lot of shades, but if you ask and let them know you just want to be shade matched so you can purchase it online, they should have a tester somewhere to let you try out!

I hope that this post helps you to try some different products for the start of your year, and I hope that you are finding yourself in a happier, and healthier place than ever before with the start of 2017!

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