5 under $5… Inexpensive must-haves!

under 5Not much is better than a good deal! And no, I’m not talking about cheap shit! Cheap shit is always a waste. But if you can find something that is good quality and happens to be inexpensive, you are in luck. And DISCLAIMER – every single product that I am writing about in this blog post is actually even less than five dollars… Each of these products are actually under three dollars!

These products are true Holy Grail portions of my collection. The even better thing is that they take a very long time to run out. So unlike other inexpensive products, it’s not like you are constantly replacing them. Which is why I describe them as “inexpensive”, and not “cheap”. Lol

Read on if you’d like to enjoy these not-so-pricey products as much as I do! If you guide your mouse over each name of each product, you will find that I linked them, so you can directly purchase them online.


  1. 5u53NYX Ultra Pearl Mania loose eyeshadows ($2.00)

I have been absolutely obsessed with these eyeshadows since I first tried one about a week ago. I’ve actually bought eight others since, and even labeled them all with a label-maker. Lol They’re only $2.00 on NYX’s website, and at the most expensive, they can be almost $3.00 at various retailers. They are super pigmented, and last all day. They’re perfect for anyone who wants to add a pop of color and shimmer to their eye makeup, but doesn’t want chunky glitter. There is very little fallout and no need for correction after applying. I even use the lighter shades as a beautiful highlight. It amazes me that they can get away with selling these shadows for such a low price, and it makes me want to stock up on them because I’m terrified that they won’t be available forever! I plan on wearing them every day for the next bit of time.

  1. 5u54Forever 21 False Lashes ($1.90-$3.90)

I loOoOoOove Forever 21’s false eyelash collection. Some of the lashes aren’t too great (they ones that are pretty cheap looking are priced at $1.90). But they have an amazing selection of lashes that are priced at $3.90 and look very luxurious. They’re extremely fluttery and beautiful. I would even go as far as to say that they resemble some mink lashes that I’ve seen. I prefer these lashes over Ardell lashes, and I have been a fan of Ardell for years. I find them easy to apply, and find that they look absolutely gorgeous on all eye shapes. I wish that they had numbers or names to the individual lash sets so I could tell you which ones I prefer, but all I can say is to go for the eyelashes at Forever 21 that are priced at $3.90! Absolutely must-have for your collection, whether you’re a casual falsie wearer or are attending a fancy event sometime soon. (The link attached is does not bring you to the lashes I have pictured. I bought mine in store.)

  1. 5u52NYX Incredible Waterproof Concealer ($2.50)

I absolutely love this concealer stick! It was recommended to me by a fellow coworker/makeup artist. However, I don’t recommend this concealer stick to be used as a general concealer under your eyes or to cover blemishes. What I DO recommend it for is to be used as an eyebrow highlight and corrector. I use this concealer underneath and above my eyebrows on a daily basis after filling them in, and I find that it provides a very natural method of cleaning up your brows and making them look even more beautifully defined. I can’t imagine my routine prior to using this product. (I believe this is only available on NYX’s website in lavender, so I linked the shopping section of Google, where you can also purchase it for under $5.00).

  1. 5u55NYX powder blush ($2.50)

I am NOT a fan of NYX’s baked blushes, so I was skeptical when it came to trying out these powder blushes by NYX. I found that their baked blushes were terribly pigmented. I could not get any pigment out of them at all. However, it was a total turnaround when it came to these powder blushes! They are absolutely gorgeous, and very pigmented. They come in a wide variety of colors and tones, and they do not run out and scrape to the bottom of the container quickly at all. I highly recommend purchasing a few for your collection. My favorite shades are “Coral Dream”, “Dusty Rose”, and “Mocha”. I love “Cinnamon” for deeper skin tones. (There were very few shades in stock on NYX’s website, so I linked the shopping section of Google where you can also purchase it for under $5.00). 

  1. 5 under 5 1 - CopyNYX Xtreme Shine Lip Cream ($3.00)

I am not a lip gloss person, to be honest with you, but NYX’s Xtreme Shine Lip Cream turned me into one. These lip creams are highly pigmented and extremely creamy, and I would go as far as saying that they are a dupe for Kylie’s lip glosses. The formula looks just like her’s. The shades that these Xtreme Shine Lip Creams come in are really nice. 5 under 5 6

There are some for those of us who like brighter colors (not me Lol), and also a lot for those of us who like browny, nice neutrals (me Lol). Even if you would not typically wear a lip gloss, I highly recommend purchasing a couple of these for your collection. The one that I purchased and have pictured is called “Skin Tone”. (I believe that NYX’s website is sold out, so I linked the shopping section of Google). 


I really hope you take me up on purchasing these inexpensive goodies! I can’t say enough good things about them. I use the blush and concealer every single day, I have been using the eyeshadows every day since I purchased them, and I use the lashes and Xtreme Shine Lip Cream at least a few days out of the week. They could be true staples to anyone’s collection, no matter how into makeup you are, and certainly worth a try for the price!

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