Beauty Blender Maintenance… A necessary read!

beauty blender post 1A major shoutout to Summer Tribunella, my old boss at L’Oreal and one of my best friends, for making me realize that I was going through something crazy. Lol UMMM… One word to describe my old Beauty Blender: tragic. Lol It started off as the best thing I have ever purchased (I used to use It Cosmetics’ version of the Beauty Blender. Still awesome, but firmer than I preferred and a bit too large). I was obsessed with making sure my Beauty Blender remained clean, and was terrified to rip it. Lol

Somewhere along the lines, I guess I stopped giving as many fucks. I still cleaned it regularly, but at first, I was cleaning it the way that I USED to clean my brushes with a homemade mixture of olive oil and dish soap. I’m not about that life anymore. It left my brushes much too oily, and they were still slick several days after washing. Soon I will write a blog post on how I currently clean my makeup brushes. BUT, back to the point, I think that I clogged my Beauty Blender with olive oil overtime, and the damage was irreversible.

beauty blender post 2I didn’t immediately notice much of a difference, but if I let even a little time pass before washing my Beauty Blender, it would get ridiculously clogged with foundation, and not really return completely back to form.

I think I’m at an advantage when it comes to giving advice on different types of Beauty Blender maintenance, because I have tried several things.

For starters, as mentioned, DO NOT use olive oil. I believe it slowly destroyed my Beauty Blender.

After I became displeased with the olive oil method, I started using Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Soap (retails at $9.79 at Target). I bought it at Kimberton Whole Foods! It is absolutely amazing. It’s completely organic, and very light and gentle. A lot of people actually use it to wash their hair and body. Some farmers even use it on horse hair, because it’s one of the only soaps powerful enough to get the full cleanse they are looking to achieve. That is why Dr. Bronner’s is perfect to clean makeup-related utensils. Not only that, but it comes in a variety of scents derived from essential oils, so it has qualities that will help rejuvenate your skin. I always bought peppermint. I found it that it really refreshed my skin, and helped me to wake up and get ready for my day if I was doing my makeup early in the morning. One small bottle of Dr. Bronner’s lasted me several months! However…

beauty blender post 3I have to admit that nothing works better than the actual Beauty Blender brand cleanser. I tried to avoid purchasing it just because I thought there was no way it could be worth the price (it retails between $16.00 for the solid bar cleanser, and up to $30 for the liquid cleanser). But there really is no other way to fully cleanse your Beauty Blender, and to remove most of the stains, which I think is important!

So all in all, DO NOT use any form of oil to clean your Beauty Blender, and honestly, if you’re going to spend the money on a name brand Beauty Blender, it really is worth it to clean it with the name brand cleanser (even though I don’t really have any complaints regarding Dr. Bronner’s soap!).

Hope this could be of assistance to anyone who has a nasty Beauty Blender like my old one Lol, or to anyone looking for new ways to maintain the cleanliness of their Beauty Blender!

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