Calling all senior citizens… My shingles experience!

blogNo matter what I am writing about, one of my main goals is always to make my blog posts as real and as relatable as possible. However, with a career where trends and social media are highly relevant, it can be a little difficult to appeal to an older crowd… Until now. Lol

About a week or two ago, I noticed a sharp pain in my side and my upper back. It was very distracting as I went about my day, but I had absolutely no idea what could have caused it. The very next day, I broke out in a rash where my pain began the day before. I did a lot of googling and Web MDing, and after accepting that I’m probably dying (not dramatic at all!), I came to the conclusion that I most likely had shingles.
I immediately made my way to the doctor, and much to my dismay, I did, in fact, have shingles.

Shingles is an extremely painful virus that typically affects a band of your skin, deep into your nerve endings. Technically, it is a form of chickenpox.
The weird thing, though, is that shingles is very uncommon in anyone under about 60 years old. Lol My mom will is turning 60 in several months, and our insurance won’t even cover her getting the preventative shingles vaccine because she is considered to be too young for it. Needless to say, my doctor was pretty concerned. I have to get blood work in about a month to make sure that my immune system is not compromised, but my doctor is pretty sure that I got shingles due to stress.

I’ve never been the kind of person who can fully let myself relax. I’m always on the go, and even when I’m trying to rest, I usually spend most of that time thinking of things that I want to or need to do. I took off of work for most of the past week and stayed in the house, mostly catching up on sleep and watching TV shows.

Not to be corny, but having shingles reminded me how important it is for each and every one of us to make it a point to take care of ourselves! I have been so busy balancing work and my personal life that I forgot how necessary it is to take a little time in between to just breathe.

I felt so lousy that I really had no choice but to take my medication, nap, and try to eat healthily whenever I had an appetite. I used to make fun of the old people rubbing their bodies and wincing in shingles commercials, but shingles really is no joke. Lol You don’t realize how painful and debilitating it can be until you have it!

If any of you ever find yourself being diagnosed with shingles, first of all, I hope you are of the typical age so that the people in your life don’t make fun of you as much as mine did. Lol And second of all, you should really give yourself at least a few days to do nothing but rest. Staying on top of my medication and sleeping whenever I got the chance to really helped me feel better sooner than I thought I could. This is so important because not only does shingles suck while you have it, but it can cause permanent nerve damage if you don’t properly take care of yourself.

Having shingles was pretty shitty, but it only took me about a week to start feeling good enough to go back to work and be myself again! I hope this was helpful to some of you, or entertaining for anyone who thought shingles was as much of a joke as I did before I got it. Lol

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