How I Cheer Myself Up When I’m Feeling Down!

blog cheer self upNo matter what is going on in my life or who I am spending my time with, I have always found it extremely important to rely on myself for my happiness. I think having a sense of inner peace is necessary, and is like knowing you have a lifeboat on a cruise ship. There’s a great chance nothing will go wrong throughout your day (unless you’re me LOL), but if something does, your inner peace will guide you safe to shore.

I wanted to share some tips on a few things I do to cheer myself up if I find myself feeling down. Because even if you’re happier than ever and have a strong support system, it doesn’t ever hurt to make sure you are taking proper care of yourself! 🙂

Eat or Drink Something Healthy

blog cheer up 1I find that feeling my best comes from the inside, out. If you are feeding your physical body a ton of crap, you are probably not going to 100% feel your best mentally. Even if you don’t want to convert to a whole new diet, when you are feeling down, it can only benefit you to treat yourself to a healthy snack or drink. I would highly recommend kombucha, because it is packed with probiotics and great for your digestive system. Not only that, but it is fizzy and usually sweet, so it still tastes delicious and feels like you are splurging!

Take a Drive to the Bookstore 

If you feel like being alone but don’t necessarily feel great sitting around in your misery at home, something I love to do is drive to Barnes and Noble. The closest one to me is about 30 minutes from my house, so I blast some music, grab my favorite Starbucks drink for the ride, and really enjoy it. I loved reading Rupi Kaur’s book Milk and Honey when I cheer up 1was going through a hard time a few months ago, and it made for a nice afternoon to drive to get it. If you have already read Milk and Honey, Kaur released a new book called The Sun and Her Flowers. These books are great for people who are busy or just don’t have the time or energy to sit down and fully read a book, because they are really relatable and meaningful collections of poetry.


Make Fun Plans for the Weekend

When I’m going through a tough time, I hate approaching an unbusy weekend. If you are feeling low, I think it’s important to force yourself to get out and spend some time with people who make you laugh. Reach out to old friends and ask if they want to go out, or even try hanging out with someone you have never spent time one on one with before. Getting to know new people is wonderful for the soul, even if all you want to do is be by yourself. You will be happy that you did it. Trust me!

Surround Yourself with the Children in Your Family 

Father and daughter playing at home. Little girl closing dads eyes with hands and laughing. Family fun together

I am very fortunate to work somewhere that I get to spend time with kids all day, every day! It is truly impossible to stay in a bad mood when you are talking to kids and listening to the hilarious, ridiculous things that they say. Commit yourself to disconnecting from any thoughts burdening you, and fully take an interest in the lives of children. It will show you a side of your heart that you may not have even known existed. Which brings me to my next point…

Take an Interest in the Lives of Those Around You

Nothing makes it easier to forget your troubles than to take on those of the people you care about. I mean, if you ask me, you should really always hold an interest in the lives of those around you (lol), but making an extra effort to check in on people you have lost touch with, or to ask your friends how they’re doing and lend a listening ear, can be a great way to flush your own worries down the drain temporarily.

And, last but not least…

Forgive Yourself For Feeling How You Do, and Embrace It

sad and happyOftentimes, when you live a busy life, you have no choice but to forget about your problems and stay positive so that you can remain productive. I think it can be helpful and healthy to put your troubles on the back burner, but it’s also important to breathe through the pain and keep on pushing if you ever want to truly get over what is keeping you down. There’s nothing wrong with being sad or angry – God gave us these human emotions to feel them! Without emotions, even the negative ones, we would not have the full experience of human life. Without sadness, we would not know true happiness. Feel the burn until you no longer feel it, and be thankful for life itself.


I hope this blog post brought some perspective, and gave you some ideas on how to make yourself feel better when you are at a low point. It feels good to be back to posting! 🙂

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