How I turned the worst time of my life into the best time of my life! Everything you need to know to become a boss at your trade of choice.

Here and there, I get questions about my website, business, and career, and how it all began! I think it’s because several years ago, I was a high school senior taking college-level classes related to the field of education, and I couldn’t have been more out of place. I, and everyone involved in the internship with me, knew that I had absolutely no interest in what we were embarking on. I knew that I wanted to live a passionate and adventurous life, but I didn’t know what that meant for me. All that I realized then was that it didn’t mean working 9-5 or being called “Miss Richards”. I could not have guessed that pretty soon, I would enter the most difficult time of my life… Which would actually result in me creating the happiest and most productive period of my life thus far.

Flash forward a few months and like many people my age, I began college. I went to blog 2Kutztown University and majored in sleeping in hungover, and minored in taking classes. Lol Truthfully, I think I only went to college because I felt like it was what I was supposed to be doing at that time. For a pretty long while, I thought that I wanted to be involved in the world of radio, but I never did anything about it. It was just a distant idea that I thought would mesh well with my exuberant (nice way of putting it… lol) personality. I took a lot of communications classes and entrepreneurship classes. That was my greatest focus academics-wise throughout my time in college. However, I had a lot going on in my personal life and just couldn’t stay motivated in school.

blog 1During my last semester at school, I was going through a great bout of depression and anxiety as the aftermath of a car accident that I was in. This was a very difficult and confusing time in my life. Plenty of days, I still felt joy, and every day, I knew that I had plenty of reasons to. But it felt like I was warming the bench, watching my life play out in front of me and having no energy to participate in the things that I cared about the most. I began to greatly slack off on attending my classes, and would avoid responsibility as a whole. The one thing that got me through my days was makeup artistry.

blog 4I had always been interested in beauty and fashion, but saw it more as a daily routine or hobby than anything. There wasn’t a part of me that realized you could actually shape a career and a life around what I saw as basic things that I would do to get ready for my day. However, in the depth of my depression, makeup tutorials were booming on Youtube. Even if all I wanted to do was lay in bed all day, I still had easy access to my laptop, Youtube, and a world where you could learn to go from the fresh face that I had been donning in my own dark, four walls for days, to completely put-together from behind the smiling face of a beautiful and happy Youtube star within 10 minutes.

I wouldn’t go to class, but I would spend my time playing around with my makeup. The different things I would learn on Youtube would at least give me the energy, confidence, and motivation to go grab food with my friends and to put on a happy face – which was asking a lot of me at the time. Although I was disappointed in myself for neglecting my responsibilities at school, I now realize that I wouldn’t have reached the point that I’m at today if I had never gone through this trial and error period of self-teaching myself makeup artistry.

blog 5I did NOT, by any means, start off skillful! Lol Understatement of the year… (Refer to the photos on the right. Lol) But I was happy. Watching Youtube videos and learning more and more about makeup gave me such joy and purpose. I knew that it was in my best interest to return home the next semester since I had dug myself into a hole academics wise. So rather than try to save myself academically, I began to put real energy into what was fueling my happiness… Makeup artistry.

This is when I had the idea to begin my website and company, Rich with Beauty! I made a list of things that I would need to be a successful internet personality. Website… Professional lighting… A good camera… These were the beginning steps for me. A website was easy. My father has a web design business. I slowly bought all of the lights that I would need, and took online classes solely to get a student loan refund check to buy my camera (gangster or idiot? Lol) I started playing around with pictures and brainstorming what exactly I wanted and hoped for for my company.

This was not a quick process for me. I still had a lot to take care of with my family and at home. My father was sick and I spent a lot of time juggling caring for him and finding a lousy part-time job to steadily maintain purchasing things that I still needed for my company. Some days were easier than others, but I finally had a focus, and I didn’t lose sight of it.

As I developed my skillset, I began freelancing and building a clientele. This is when I finally launched my website that I had spent months upon months planning for. I stayed consistent on social media, which made it easy for me to network and to start freelancing for salons throughout the state. I was shocked that I could actually make money doing something that I had a lot of fun doing, without having a boss to answer to!

The best thing I did for myself was to keep at it and to remain consistent. Growing your own business, a lot of times, is much like physically growing… You don’t see much change day by day, but if you remain consistent, you eventually find that you have come very far.

My life is still nowhere near perfect. I have my good days, and I have my not-so-good days. As of now, there is still so much that I am aiming for that is currently out of reach. I put a lot of time, energy, and money into college, so I definitely plan on finishing someday! I began doing makeup for L’Oreal several months ago, which has been a wonderful use of my time and source of my income. I’ve been approached by several companies to begin collaborations and sponsorships. And, after doing a lot of research, I recently began handcrafting my own cosmetics line and plan to start selling my products soon through my company, Rich with Beauty. I have a lot of other ideas, but like the rest of my journey, I know it’ll unfold in time as it is meant to, and I’m excited to see what the future holds… which, at one point in time, I never could have imagined myself saying, so that’s good enough for me.

blog 6My main point of writing this blog post is to inform anyone reading it that no matter where you are at in your life, you are in complete control of where you can go. I’m sure to some of you, that sounds easier said than done, but please take it from me! At one point, I was so miserable that it embarrassed me. I paid attention to what made me happy, and put as much energy into as I could. What makes you happy? What gives you drive and makes you want to be productive? Even if you aren’t good at it yet like I certainly wasn’t, practice until you are. Whether it’s makeup artistry, music, or even a career related to math or science. You can begin to build the life of your dreams.

Please feel free to reach out to me no matter what it is you need, whether it’s advice on business or anything else.

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