My Current Holy Grail Mascara Routine!

Hi, everyone! It has certainly been a while, and boy, am I happy to have finally MADE the masctime to write a new blog post! I was keeping up with my beauty and makeup posts pretty consistently, but a few hiccups in my personal life got in the way of my fun… As usual. Lol But I’m back and I am here to stay!

I have never written a blog post on my preference of mascara, and this is something I finally feel I have nailed, so I figured I would kick off my return to my blog with a post on my current mascara routine!

For starters, if I am doing a full face of makeup for an interesting look to photograph, I wear false lashes. I also use false lashes on most of my clients. However, on a typical day, I will always layer two particular mascaras. I have never used only one mascara – I think it is important to layer, because each mascara has its own unique formula, and of course a differently structured wand that will provide different results. I find that combining one with another will always produce a better look. Read on to hear the specific two mascaras I am currently obsessed with!

  1. mascara post 1For the past several years, I have been using Clinique High Impact Mascarawhich retails for $17.50. The brush is full without being overly fluffy, which I find separates and elongates your lashes very nicely, and is really unbeatable. However, I don’t think that any mascara necessarily gives the full effect on its own, as I mentioned, but this one really gives the perfect base and is important to use first!
  2. mufe excessive lashIt has taken me a long time to figure out which mascara I feel really finishes off my look the best. I have definitely gone through a lot of different periods where I’ll try something different for my “second” mascara. For the past couple of months, though, I have been using Make Up For Ever Excessive Lash Mascara, which retails for $25.00, and I’m in love! It is important to mention that I only apply this mascara after my coat of my first mascara has at least one minute to dry. You will not really get the best results if you rush it. The description on Make Up For Ever’s website explains why I love this mascara best – it fans out your lashes, and really creates an “eye-opening” look. I love using it on my outer lashes the most, because it elongates them in a beautiful way. It provides the perfect shaping of your lashes without any clump, and the wand is small enough that you can easily use it on your lower lashes as well!


At the moment, these are my absolute go-to’s! I used to miss the appearance of my false lashes so much when I didn’t wear them that I would apply them DAILY. I feel beautiful and comfortable when I wear these two mascaras and follow the little technique that I have developed, so I hope you try them out and love them, too!

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