Nipple piercing myth busters!

nipple piercing blog postAs you can probably tell by today’s blog post topic, I recently got my nipples pierced! Like many of you, I’m 100% psychotic when it comes to googling before I make any decision (and when it comes to many other things lol). I read a lot about other peoples’ experiences with nipple piercings before I got it done. I found some of what I read to be true, and some of what I read to be totally off base. With that being said, I’m sure most of it is very personal to each of our own bodies. But in my opinion, there seem to be a lot of misconceptions and “myths” when it comes to pierced nipples. I thought I would bust some of those myths, and give anyone who is considering getting their nipples pierced some advice from my own personal experience! I hope you enjoy! 🙂

Your nipples will NOT be permanently hard! 

I don’t know why, but I’ve heard this all my life. Lol It’s not true. We’ll leave the rest to your imagination.

It doesn’t hurt nearly as bad as some people say it will.

I guess this really does depend on everyone’s individual pain tolerance, but I experienced little to no pain when getting my nipples pierced. I expected it to be horrible, I guess because nipples are just so sensitive and none of us want to imagine impaling them with a sharp object. Lol But it wasn’t bad at all, and note: I wrote a will when I needed to get blood drawn as a teenager, so that’s saying a lot.

You CAN still breast feed. 

Part of my hesitation in deciding to get my nipples pierced was that I was under the impression that once you pierce your nipples, you are unable to breast feed. I would like to have children in the future, so this was a concern of mine. However, it’s completely untrue. You can breast feed if you have your nipples pierced, you just need to temporarily remove your jewelry while in the actual act of nursing.

You DON’T need to rotate your jewelry.

For some piercings, such as ear lobes, it’s recommended to rotate and swirl your jewelry while it is in the healing process. Some piercers actually strongly advise you NOT to rotate your nipple jewelry while it is healing. It takes months (sometimes an entire year) for nipple piercings to heal. Apparently, it is counter productive to rotate nipple jewelry because it irritates the piercing and pushes back healing time even more.

And now for some tips… 

Double check where your piercer marks you for your nipple piercing placement BEFORE you are pierced!

This probably seems like a standard procedure, but I was more nervous than I expected to be right before getting my nipples pierced. Especially because you are exposing a part of your body that you normally wouldn’t (or maybe you would! Do you, boo. Lol!) I wish I had spoken to my piercer longer about my expectations of the placement of my piercing. He had to work around blood vessels near my left nipple, and I wish I would have spoken to him longer about all that will come with that.

Ask your piercer about swelling and the size of your barbells BEFORE you are pierced!

I had to go back to my piercer a few days after getting my nipples pierced because my barbells weren’t long enough to accommodate my swelling. Keep in mind, your nipples will surely swell. Ibuprofen helps the swelling go down, and it definitely doesn’t last all day every day. But whenever your nipples DO swell, and they are guaranteed to swell here and there, it will be very uncomfortable if you go with shorter bars. It’s a good idea to stay on the safe side and go with bars that you may think are too long. It wasn’t the end of the world that I had to go back, because it wasn’t painful at all to have my bars switched out, but DO NOT do it yourself. Have an experienced piercer change your bars if you need to have them changed.


I hope this blog post helped anyone who is considering having their nipples pierced! I’m so happy that I got mine done. I haven’t had any issues and I love the way they are looking.

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