Terrible shit I’ve bought that I’m too lazy to return (Volume 1 Lol)

ts blog 4Keeping it 100! I’m definitely a borderline hoarder and will find any excuse to hold onto useless crap that I never needed to begin with. When it comes to returns and exchanges, I’ll either never even think to make one, or I’ll purge my life away. Lol At the moment, I’m stocking up a bunch of various items I’ll never touch for the winter!


Here are a few things I will never use, but am somewhat happy I bought and hated, because I gladly welcome any reason to bitch into my life!


  1. ts blog 1Mario Badescu Facial Spray

Now that it’s allergy season and the air feels generally gross here and there, I thought this $5.00 facial spray seemed like a great idea. It was on display at the checkout area of Ulta, so I didn’t have the time to read too much into it. Very unfortunately, I realized AFTER dousing my face with it that it’s made with rosewater and smells like a long walk off a short cliff. I love the idea of a refreshing facial spray, but who would want their face to reek of everything that causes you to feel dry and allergic?! Next time I want the refreshing feeling that Mario Badescu promises, I’ll just rub my face in some weeds and save five bucks.

  1. ts blog 2NYX Eyebrow Pencil

I don’t hate ALL NYX eyebrow pencils. In fact, I prefer their microbrow pencil over Anastasia’s Brow Wiz, and it’s about $12.00 cheaper. However, this eyebrow pencil in particular is extremely thick and rigid. It isn’t creamy or smooth at all. It literally feels like you’re rubbing a rock on your face and trying to get pigment out of it. It’s extremely hard to produce a good-looking brow with this pencil. It’s so rough that it actually rips out my eyebrow hairs. I’m kind of being dramatic at this point. Lol But you get the picture. It sucks.

  1. ts blog 3Purple Powerade Zero

I’m not sure why I keep buying purple Powerade. It’s actually been a few years that I steadily drink this a couple times a week, and I have never liked it. I actually do like other flavors of Powerade, but I always end up buying purple. It’s watery, has a bad aftertaste, and has a lingering odor that always has my mother accusing me of day drinking, which, needless to say, is extremely annoying. If you’re going to buy Powerade, especially Powerade Zero, don’t buy purple.

  1. ts blog 5Hot Tools Curling Irons

I’m not sure if it’s the curling iron itself or ME that’s the problem, but I always find my Hot Tools curling irons breaking the same way after a few months. There’s a part near the cord of the curling iron that spins as you move so that the cord doesn’t tangle, and after a while, strands of my hair get stuck in that section and my cord tangles into a fucking disaster after every single curl I do. This probably doesn’t sound like a nightmare, but it couldn’t be more irritating, especially if you are impatient with a short fuse like me. It sucks because Hot Tools has good products for a price that is not so bad at all, but I swear this has happened to like at least four of my curling irons by them.

ts blog 65. Simple Skincare Makeup Remover

I was actually pretty disappointed that I wasn’t at all a fan of this product because I’m a huge supporter of Simple Skincare! Simple Skincare has a lot of very gentle products that work even better than products with harsher ingredients. I was excited to try this makeup remover because I was looking for something much less oily than other makeup removers. However, this was basically tap water. Don’t be fooled by the picture which shows that the container is empty. Lol It’s only empty because I had to use so much of it at a time to get even a little bit of my makeup to come off! Absolutely do NOT buy!


What is more fun, and more informative, than complaining? Lol I hope that this post was insightful for you! Stay tuned for the next time I need to blow off some steam regarding (some of) my ever-so-wasted money.

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