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Rich with Beauty East Falls offers the best wedding makeup services in East Falls, Pennsylvania, 19129.

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Colleen Richards, creator of Rich with Beauty, is a skilled makeup artist, knowledgeable beauty blogger, and an innovative entrepreneur ahead of her time. Colleen’s interest in the beauty and fashion industry began at a very young age. She frequently assisted her friends and acquaintances in grade school with a more sophisticated application of
their makeup for homecoming dances, prom nights, and the like. Upon entering college, Colleen was curious as to how she could provide herself a form of income without cutting too deeply into her studies of business and communications. Still remaining infatuated with beauty and fashion, she decided to put a portfolio together and extend an affordable and attainable makeup artistry service to other young women in the suburbs of Philadelphia. After Colleen took a chance at freelancing, this business venture slowly grew into her receiving work from peers for sorority formals, requests to freelance through hair salons, and began to earn her recognition of new clients all over nearby towns and now, through the help of social media, surrounding states.

To this day, Colleen has attended every Beauty Con, a convention held for beauty bloggers and makeup gurus, available thus far in the country. Her work has received praise from two of her favorite makeup artists, Kandee Johnson and Angel Merino of Los Angeles. Her plans are to further expand her company throughout the tri-state area and to shed light on positive aim behind the work of makeup artists worldwide.